Poetry Quarterly Winter 2015


Poetry Quarterly does it again, but with a twist! This issue, dubbed the "Greedy Issue," is overflowing with poetry. Our readers have asked for more, and we have answered the call in this very special double-issue.

Poetry Quarterly's Winter 2015 issue features some of the best poetry by over 100 poets around the world--in the USA, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Canada, and elsewhere. Poetry Quarterly's submissions are judged blindly, and the rich cultural diversity found in this issue is completely organic--more great poetry from more places without compromising poetic achievement.

Poetry Quarterly Winter 2015 proudly features poems by these talented poets; Michael Adams, Zach Agnew, Carol Alexander, Bobby Steve Baker, Giuseppe Bartoli, Judy Beaston, Jane Blanchard, Richard Boas, Robert Boucheron, Charles Braddy, Heather Browne, Michelle Burchett, Sarah Carleton, Kenneth Chacon, Eve Chilicas, Kim Cope Tait, Jim Davis, J.R. Dawson, JD DeHart, Julie Dickson, Matthew Duffus, Keith Dunlap, Brian Fanelli, Luciana Francis, Cal Freeman, Paula Friedman, Louis Gallo, Danielle Garner, Joyce Graham, Jim Gustafson, Jorge Gutierrez, Deborah Guzzi, Joshua Haakenson, Logan Hastings, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Steve Herring, C. Z. Heyward, Scott Hicks, Claire Holtz, Andrew Hubbard, Adam Huening, John Huey, Chris Johnson, Jeanne Julian, Stephen Kaplan, Siham Karami, Katia Kash, McKinley Keener, D.E. Kern, Stuart Kurtz, Aubrey Laughlin, Kent Leatham, Michael Lewis-Beck, Stephen Linsteadt, Nylah Lyman, Peter Manos, Sarah Marchant, Roy Marshall, Lucian Mattison, Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak, Kimberly McClune, Cayla McDonald, Stephen McQuiggan, Bill Melton, Paul Milenski, Michael Miller, Mark J. Mitchell, Rick Mitchell, Rich Murphy, Michael Newell, James B. Nicola, Jennifer Novotney, Daniel Pereyra, Frederick Pollack, Tyler Powell, Allison Rhodes, Jacob Riyeff, Tim Robbins, Joseph Roberts, Laura Rogalsky, Roslyn Ross, Seymour Roth, Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper, Scott Ruescher, Kerenza Ryan, David Sam, Gerard Sarnat, Tomoko Sawada, Peter Scacco, Joyce Schmid, Greg Schmult, Marian Shapiro, Bex Smith, Robert Stephens, Greg Stidham, Emily Strauss, Tim Suermondt, Aden Thomas, Bunkong Tuon, Denise Umans, Doug Van Hooser, Karen Vande Bossche, Sheri Vandermolen, Chuck Von Nordheim, Will Walton, Nells Wasilewski, Loyana Webb, Christoph Weber, Shanley Wells-Rau, Amber Yoo, and Sally Zakariya.

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