Poetry Quarterly Spring 2020


Special Feature, Rebecca Lard Award Winner (2019), Arvilla Fee! Fee has been writing since childhood. She made a career teaching both middle school and high school English for seven years, and since then, she has taught college English and writing composition. Arvilla is from Indiana, and currently lives in Dayton, Ohio. Her poems strike a balance between approachable and complex, capable of being read in layers that offer something for both novice and experienced readers. Poetry Quarterly is thrilled to feature her voice. Soon, she will be a favorite of yours, too.

Featuring fine poetry by Edward Ahern, Duane Anderson, Amanda Ardieta, Robert Baldwin, Zachary Baron, Mildred Barya, Morgan Bazilian, John Blair, Roxanne Bogart, Matthew Brown, D.C. Buschmann, Edward L. Canavan, Janice Canerdy, Len Carber, Mirana Comstock, Maria DePaul, Julie A. Dickson, Lynette Esposito, Isaac Eustice, J.T. Evans, Helen Falandes, Arvilla Fee, Francis Flavin, Robert Funderburk, Keith Gaboury, Annette Gagliardi, Gail Greenwood, Jim Gustafson, Michael Hammerle, Lianne Kamp, John Kaprielian, Tom Kazas, Bruce Levine, Michael Lyle, Sydney McQuoid, Bill Melton, Carole Mertz, Alan Meyrowitz, Cecil Morris, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Allison Paoli, Keith David Parsons, Judy Phelps, Christa Planko, Thomas Pletcher, Melissa Robinson, Patricia Rossi, Joel Savishinsky, Ellen Schmidt, Claire Scott, Terri Simon, Samuel Swauger, Patrick T. Reardon, Georgette Unis, Doug Van Hooser, Andrew Vogel, JR Vork, Virginia Watts, Richard Widerkehr, Lawrence William Berggoetz, Patricia Williams, Chris Wood, and Rachel Zempel.

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