Poetry Quarterly Summer 2018


Poetry Quarterly showcases today's finest poets! Summer 2018 features a stunning collection of hand-selected poetry by Edward Ahern, Duane Anderson, Jody Azzouni, Dean Baltesson, Stephen Behrendt, Robert Berry, Gary W. Bloom, Sydney Bowers, Marcus Benjamin Ray Bradley, Ronnie R. Brown, Sarah Cannavo, Len Carber, Mirana Comstock, Suzanne Cottrell, James Croal Jackson, Steve Denehan, Julie A. Dickson, Richard H. Durisen, John Elliott, Anjuli Fiedler, Keith Mark Gaboury, James F. Gaines, Daniel R. Gallie, Robert Hale, Jim Hanlen, Angie Hedman, Brian Horner, William Kofoed, Dorothy Kollat, Melissa Laussmann, Bruce Levine, Paul Lojeski, C. Q. March, Laura McGinnis, Lynda McKinney Lambert, Sydney McQuoid, Alan Meyrowitz, Andrew Alexander Mobbs, Barry Peters, Rebecca Poleto, Melissa R. Robinson, Livingston Rossmoor, Hannah Rousselot, Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Howard Sage, David Anthony Sam, Angela D. Sargent, Richard Schiffman, Claire Scott, Denise Segal Umans, Erin Smith, Dorsia Smith Silva, Heather Teague, Aden Thomas, Terry Tierney, Jacques Wakefield, Kyden Wilson, Angela Wu Li, and Peter W. Yaremko.

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