Brick and mortar bookstores enjoy the best pricing on Prolific Press books!

We love bookstores–real bookstores with walls and books on the shelves. We guarantee brick and mortar bookstores receive the best prices we have to offer, direct from the publisher.

Even when a publisher offers a deep discount to booksellers (53%), distributors take a piece of the pie and leave bookstores with smaller discounts than they deserve. Some even offer lower discounts to low volume booksellers. But with Prolific Press, bookstores can buy direct from the publisher and enjoy the best prices guaranteed (no matter how many books you purchase).

It’s Easy!

  1. Signup for a new account at our bookstore.
  2. Notify us by email so we can investigate to be sure you are a brick and mortar bookstore.
  3. Wait to be notified that your wholesale pricing has been activated (usually 24 hours or less).
  4. When you return and log into our bookstore, you will see wholesale pricing on all our titles.

Even at wholesale rates, your entire order ships for just $3.00  (USA Bookstores Only.)


Wholesale pricing from Prolific Press is available to brick and mortar stores only. Bookstores that exist solely online must buy from Baker and Taylor, Ingram, or any of the many distributors that carry our books.