Poetry Quarterly Fall 2012


Our Prize Winner Issue (2012) featuring poetry by Marilyn Braendeholm,Sarah Carleton, Livia Emerson Leigh, Caitlin Wheeler, Alyssa Nickerson, Jim Davis, Brian Fanelli, A.J. Huffman, Matthew Gesicki, David Edwards, John Elliott, Lorena Parker Matejowsky, Nylah Lyman, Dolores Castro, Dawn Ray, Andy Gambell, Charlie Weber, Matthew Fishler, Peycho Kanev, Mary Alice Young, Bethany Tyler Lee, Eric Blanchard, Pearl Ketover Prilik, Laurie Kolp, Tony Burfield, Jacqueline Jollette, James Dickson, Nancy May, David Edward, Maggie Saturley, Dan Corjescu, Lea Booth, Sharon Green, Bel Harris, Cindy Rinne , Rachel Heimowitz, Marian Veverka, Paul Hostovsky, David Ahia, Patrick Erickson, Mary Kovaleski Byrnes, Jose Gepanaga, Samuel Hovda, Gene Fehler, Marilyn Braendeholm, Catherine Lee, April Salzano, and Jessica Morey-Collins. With a special feature by Shann Ray.

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Poetry Quarterly
ISBN-13: 978-0615836041
ISBN-10: 0615836046
BISAC: Poetry / General

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