Poetry Quarterly - Fall 2013


Featuring beautiful poems by Annalisa Littleton, Anne Carly Abad, Audrey Samuelson, Barbara Johnson, Beau Boudreaux, Born Before, C. Wade Bentley, Carol Alexander, Changming Yuan, Christina Kapp, Christopher Piazza, Craig Steele, Dan Dowe, Deborah Guzzi, Dennis Herrell, Dustin Brown, Eagam Khaling, Hao Guang Tse, Heather Browne, Holly Day, Jay Cohn, Jonel Abellanosa, Joshua Brewer, Judy Crowe, Ken Hada, Kim Peter Kovac, Kimberly Spotts, M.F. Nagel, Mareyna Simon, Michael Estabrook, Nicholas Coulombe, Rich Ives, Rich Murphy, Robert Nordstrom, Rosemary Ybarra-Garcia, Roy Bent, Sabrina Chen, Samarendra Mahapatra, Sana Ghazala, Stephanie Smith, Vishnu Priya, and a special feature by Michael Meyerhofer.

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84 pages
Poetry Quarterly
ISBN-13: 978-0615946412
ISBN-10: 0615946410
BISAC: Poetry / General

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