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What is Prolific Press?

Prolific Press is more than a book publisher. Prolific oversees the creation and publication of seven established and respected literary journals. Prolific Press has published works by thousands of authors making Prolific one of the most desirable targets for writers in today’s market.

Prolific Press currently publishes:

Selected samples of publications can be found in the bookstore, though it may not contain an exhaustive list. Questions about any of the literary publications (above) should be made through the respective website. Questions about Prolific Press or any of our other projects may be made using our helpdesk.

NEWS: As of March, 2014, Prolific Press began accepting full manuscripts for both poetry and fiction. The new publishing program is scheduled to begin releasing titles in late 2014 by both established and emergent writers. Prolific’s stable platform, long history, and determination have positioned Prolific Press to be a forerunner among emerging publishers in the United States.

Prolific Press is overseen by our Masthead, Glenn Lyvers.