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Prolific Press Inc.

Our Mission:

To support artists and celebrate Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Visual Mediums. Prolific Press strives to discover and publish great literary works by writers in the United States and abroad. We support the arts through education and by providing venues for publication. We also support the community of literary journals by providing our Green Submissions service at no cost, and Submission Manager software at low cost. This assists new and existing publishers in accepting online submissions.

As part of this mission, Prolific Press ensures that many of the services we provide are accessible to everyone, regardless of income. For this reason, we regularly offer free opportunities to read portions of our journals online. We never charge a reading fee for standard submissions. Prolific Press never charges writers a fee for publishing, and encourages the writing community by providing small token payments for their work. 

Prolific Press maintains a current and relevant collection of videos to assist writers with writing techniques, forms of writing, and other arts education. These videos are freely available online.



What is Prolific Press?

Prolific Press is more than a book publisher. Prolific oversees the creation and publication of eight established and respected literary journals. Prolific Press has published works by thousands of authors making Prolific one of the most desirable targets for writers in today's market.

Prolific Press currently publishes:

Poetry Quarterly (Flagship Publication)
Inwood Indiana Press
Three Line Poetry
Haiku Journal
Jitter Press
Dual Coast Magazine
50 Haikus
Tanka Journal 

Selected samples of publications can be found in the bookstore, though it may not contain an exhaustive list. Questions about any of the literary publications (above) should be made through the respective website. Questions about Prolific Press or any of our other projects may be made using our helpdesk.

NEWS: As of March, 2014, Prolific Press began accepting full manuscripts for both poetry and fiction. The new publishing program is scheduled to begin releasing titles in late 2014 by both established and emergent writers. Prolific's stable platform, long history, and determination have positioned Prolific Press to be a forerunner among emerging publishers in the United States.

Board Members:
Glenn Lyvers (Masthead)
April Zipser (Editor and Finance Officer)
Mike Popielski (Human Resources and Ethics Officer)

*Other Staff and Volunteers: 
Deborah Guzzi 
Hannah Krieger


*For ethical reasons, staff are prohibited from submitting to any Prolific Press journal. Volunteers are permitted to submit, provided they don't work on that particular journal.