Three Line Poetry Issue #53


This limited printing* features poetry about the life and times of the 2020 Global Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, written by the poets who lived through the most life-changing event in modern history. *(Available only while supplies last.)

Featuring Fine Poetry by Zach Agnew, Duane Anderson, Connor Bjotvedt, Suzanne Cottrell, Mary Crane Fahey, Stephen Curro, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Maria DePaul, Julie Dickson, Didimay Dimacali, Richard Dove, Michael Estabrook, Michael Flanagan, Francis Flavin, Stephen Gretzer, Mary Gunn, Andrew Hamlin, Shasta Hatter, John Hawkhead, Dean K Miller, Lianne Kamp, Jody Larson, Bruce Levine, Angell Lynn Salver, Ana Marie Dollano, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Sydney McQuoid, Bill Melton, Penny Michalski, Jennifer Montgomery, Kasha Nystrand, William O'Bier, Patricia Pella, Christa Planko, Mary R. P. Schutter, Anthony Ray, Patricia Rossi, Angela Sargent, Gerard Sarnat, Joel Savishinsky, Claire Scott, Eden Silverfox, Terri Simon, Marina Tinkcom, JR Vork, Debbie Walker-Lass, Nells Wasilewski, Paula Weld-Cary, Chris Wood, and Rachel Zempel.

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