Tanka Journal Issue #2


The finest Tanka, featuring poetry by:

Battersby, Lois; Baxter, Lewis; Bonholtzer, Eric; Chircop, Charmaine; Davidson, Tracy; Drobot, Ana; Edwards, David; Evans, Lee; Fleming, Marilyn; Francone, Vincent; Gentry, Susan; Gunn, Mary; Hansen, Robert; Heep, Alexandra; Kurtz, Stuart; Ladew, Kate; Li, Lily; Lowe, Dennis; Melton, Bill; Patterson, Melissa; Planko, Christa; Qureshi, Maryam; Robinson, Jackie Maugh; Ryan, Lucy; Samuels, Clarise; Santos, Nicoly; Wasilewski, Nells

Tanka Journal (in print) is a Chapbook of fine poetry in the Tanka form. To learn more about Tanka and this art form, please visit Tanka Journal

48 Pages printed on archival-quality, renewable paper (#24) with a heavy stock cover, printed in color using environmentally friendly inks.

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