The Hurricane by Deborah Guzzi


This stunning collection of poems, written by international poet, Deborah Guzzi, speaks to timely and relevant societal issues, as well as the important icons of family, love, mercy, outrage, and things unsaid. Political themes resound, but never overpower her poems, which seem to unfold in layers, providing reading enjoyment for lovers of poetry regardless of age or experience. Guzzi’s book, The Hurricane, is a necessary addition to any serious collection of poetry today.

Deborah Guzzi grew up in Connecticut, where she still lives and writes. When asked about why this book is so important, Deborah replied, “The plight of and rights of women in the 20th century have changed the course of the world. Hopefully, men and women will continue to grow in understanding of each other; my book was aimed at that goal.”

Deborah Guzzi has found success elsewhere, being published in here/there, UK; Existere, Canada; Tincture, Australia; Cha Asian Literary Review, Hong Kong, China; Eunoia, Singapore; Latchkey Tales, New Zealand; Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Greece; mgv2>publishing, France; RedLeaf Poetry, India; as well as Travel by the Book, Ribbons, Bitterzoet, Dual Coast Magazine, Poetry Quarterly and others in the USA.

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Praise for The Hurricane:

"The poems in the Hurricane are rich in emotions. They take the reader on a journey which ranges from monochromatic to full color. They are bursting with energy, and vibrant with modern and contemporary memories."

David Williams – Driving Instructor/Poet/Author of A Question of Thought, No Longer Searching, Shadows Of Life. Graduate of Manchester University, Manchester, United Kingdom.

"Through the use of a variety of poetic devices, Deborah skillfully brings beauty through nuance to every line of her writing. The selection of poems in this book is a true testament to her talent in exposing thoughts and feelings universal to mankind in a unique and endearing way. You will find here just the right poem to fit your mood, to give you something to contemplate, or to give you strength to go on. I find Deborah Guzzi to be a poet of the highest caliber. I am certain you will be enriched by taking daily excursions into her world of poetry within The Hurricane."

Eileen Manassian Ghali- English Language Instructor, MA - Middle East University Beirut, Lebanon.

"I have been reading Ms. Guzzi’s works for five years. I've always enjoyed her way with words. She is able to create remarkable phrases by using alliteration and other poetic devices to convey her messages. This is evident in The Sowing in which, for me, each word seems arranged meticulously with an artist's touch to create a strong and somber tone.

Another quality about the poems in Ms. Guzzi's new book is that they ring with a righteous indignation tempered with feelings of love and mercy for those who are trodden upon by society. In poems like Stoned, The Upcoming Storm, and Gendercide 2014, we are awakened by her words to the incredible plight of women throughout the world. The antiquated customs of stoning, bride burning, and "gendercide" along with the customary rape and slave status of females that we hear about almost on a daily basis are powerfully portrayed in the poetry of Deborah Guzzi.

Sometimes she plays with rhyme, and one example of that is Gendercide 2014, which is a favorite of mine, along with Bones - Hiroshima, a brief poem that paints a sad landscape as well as Memories of Xian, China, simply a beautiful poem. Ms. Guzzi is a poet for this generation!"

Andrea Dietrich, ESL/ Spanish Instructor and Poet, Pleasant Grove, UT - Brigham Young University Provo, Utah, United States.

"The poems in The Hurricane are filled to overflowing with emotional energy ranging from political overdrive, as in The Upcoming Storm to the raw sensuality in The Golden Hour, reminiscent of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood. But perhaps her best work is to be found in When Madness Rides on Moonlight. Van Gogh is made to relive his tortured existence - and indeed a terrible beauty is re-born - from Deborah’s use of the symbolism and allegory which recalls Yeats in Easter 1916."

Sydney Peck, M.A. (Dublin) Head of English Studies, International Language Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Thirty-years as an English teacher in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Russia.)

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