Tanka Journal Issue #4


Tanka Journal wants to spread the news about tanka poetry. This beautiful poetry form is under-appreciated. Tanka Journal is a particularly fine publication for use in classrooms, or simply to give as gifts. Help us expose new readers to the beauty of tanka poetry.

Featuring fine poems by Bobby Aldridge, Anna Cates, Eve Chilicas, Lorraine Cipriano, Thomas Clark, Mary Crane Fahey, Nicholas D’Angelo, Deborah Davitt, Stephanie De Haven, Lynette Esposito, Woody Evans, Susan Gentry, Michael Griffith, Randall Herman, Lianne Kamp, Herb Kauderer, Teddy Kimathi, Jonathan Kurtz, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Bill Melton, Maryam Qureshi, Patricia Rossi, Clarise Samuels, Angela Sargent, Nikki Anne Schmutz, Liam Strong, Michael Thatcher, Pat Tompkins, Mark Volz, Robert Walton, Nells Wasilewski, and Elaine Wirta.

Printed using environmentally responsible paper and ink. Heavy stock acid-free paper (28LB inside and 110# cover). Chapbook binding.

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