Three Line Poetry Issue #37


Three Line Poetry is a serious poetry journal dedicated to small glorious poems. Each page reverberates with meaning. This issue features fine poetry by:

Kevin Andersen, Brandon Beck, Tessa Brant, Clifford Browder, Theresa Cancro, Anna Cates, Eve Chilicas, Lorraine Cipriano, Brandon Crupi, Deborah Davitt, Maria DePaul, Jerry Durick, Michael Flanagan, Michael A. Griffith, Evan Guilford-Blake, Gary Heath, Scott Hicks, Rowland Hill, Mary Elder Jacobsen, Larry Jones, Lianne Kamp, Joseph J Kozma, Dennis Lowe, Mary McLoughlin, Fred Melnyczuk, Bill Melton, James B. Nicola, Matt Passant, Melissa Patterson, Tom Pescatore, James Plume, Rachel Pond, Reed Redmond, John Reinhart, Gabriel Rheaume, Patricia Rossi, Angela Sargent, Susan Schmidlin, Mary R. P. Schutter, Cody Schweickert, Ron Scully, Tim Smith, Barbara TW, Monica Wang, Tyson West, Nusrat Zeba

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