Three Line Poetry Issue #36


Three Line Poetry is a serious poetry journal dedicated to small glorious poems. Each page reverberates with meaning. This issue features fine poetry by Zach Agnew, Stefanie Bennett, Heather Brown, Susan Brown, Ingrid Bruck, CW Buxton, Theresa Cancro, Bob Carlton, Anna Cates, Mary Crane Fahey, Alexander Duensing, Melissa Fite Johnson, Michael Flanagan, Susan Gentry, Richard Hartwell, Angi Holden, Nancy Iannucci, Martin Knabe, Joseph J Kozma, Ash Krafton, Juliet Lasso, Lee LeClair, Daniyal Liaqat, Bill Melton, Banks Miller, Leah Mueller, Daryl Muranaka, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Patricia Rossi, David Anthony Sam, Angela Sargent, Susan Schmidlin, Mary R. P. Schutter, Cody Schweickert, Ron Scully, Jennifer Smith, Susan Sonnen, Timothy Speirs, Daniel Tardonam, Colin Treiber, Debbie Walker-Lass, Jasmine Wardiya and Tyson West.

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