Magical Yogis by Mark Tulin


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Mark Tulin arrives with epiphany and confidence. Magical Yogis is about magic, the magic of words to bring balance and upheaval simultaneously. These poems stretch the mind, twist the conscious, and leave the spirit in a puddle of sweat, under which the mind is pinned to the mat of a new reality. Tulin’s approachable voice expresses a harmony that all people can gravitate to and enjoy.

About Mark Tulin:

Mark Tulin retired from psychotherapy and moved to Santa Barbara, California five years ago to pursue writing poetry and short stories. When he’s not writing, he’s in the yoga studio doing headstands and slow vinyasa. He has published in the elephant journal, Fiction on the Web, San-ta Barbara Independent, Family Therapy Magazine, Dual Coast Magazine, Page and Spine, the Creating Writing Outloud podcast and many others. He is a featured writer on HubPages and his website,, features links to all his writings.

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