Three Line Poetry Issue #48


Featuring fine poetry by Cary Barney, Samuel Barnhart, Len Carber, Erin Castaldi, Jillian Clasky, Suzanne Cottrell, John Deal, Laurie Decker, Maria DePaul, Julie Dickson, Steve Dodson, Natalie A. Drozda, Michael Flanagan, James Gaines, Susan Gentry, James Hanlon, Richard Hartwell, Angela Hedman, Nancy Iannucci, M.J. Iuppa, Diane Jackman, Scott Lilley, A.M. Lynn, Vyomi Malik, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Bill Melton, Stephanie Metzger, Sabina Morris, Justin Orlando, Sunayna Pal, James Piatt, Rachel Pond, John Powell, Michael Proulx, Patricia Rossi, Linda Sacco, Claire Scott, Jake Sheff, Ken Simpson, Michael Smith, William Spencer, Ray Spitzenberger, Heather Teague, Hannah-Rose Tristram, Nells Wasilewski, Ryan Waters, Erin Werner, Abigail E. Wright, and Cynthia Young.

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