Three Line Poetry Issue #44


Featuring fine selections of poetry by Zach Agnew, Roxanne Barbour, Connor Bjotvedt, Colin Campbell, Jared Campbell, Erin Castaldi, Anna Cates, Jakob Chapman, Alyssa Chen, Gayle Compton, Mary Crane Fahey, Laurie Decker, Maria DePaul, Michael Flanagan, Amy Glin, Robert Hale, Kyle Hemmings, David Hewitt, Scott Hicks, Willa Holm, Alexander James, Lianne Kamp, Rebecca Kane, Catherine LoFrumento, Vyomi Malik, Elena Marione, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Bill Melton, Jennifer Montgomery, Tom Pearson, Rachel Pond, Julia Prentice, Melissa Robinson, Patricia Rossi, Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Angela Sargent, Cliff Saunders, Daniel Sauve-Rogan, Joel Schueler, Claire Scott, Cynthia Sharp, David Shultz, Nicholas Thacker, Peggy Turnbull, William Turner, Michele Vecchitto, Erin Werner, Jason Willis, Jackie Zedalis, and Ethan Zierke.

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