Three Line Poetry Issue #41


Three Line Poetry features fine selections of poetry from all over the world.

Issue #41 is a stunning collection of rich poems filled with imagery and emotion by these exceptional poets: Zach Agnew, Mike Ambrose, Samuel Barnhart, Anja Benevento, C.W. Buxton, Theresa Cancro, Erin Castaldi, Anna Cates, Eve Chilicas, Lorraine Cipriano, Cherese Cobb, Dan Corjescu, Gareth Culshaw, Deborah Davitt, Karen Edwards, Michael Estabrook, Kaela Fox, Renee Francoeur, Jay Friedenberg, Nicholas Froumis, Robert Hanley, Scott Hotaling, Lianne Kamp, Rebecca Kane, Charles Kell, Jeff King, Joseph J. Kozma, Mandy Macdonald, John MacDonald, Bill Melton, Dean Miller, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Judith Paterson, Melissa Patterson, James Reinert, Gabriel Rheaume, Russell Richardson, Melissa Robinson, Linda Sacco, Angela Sargent, Kelly Sauvage Angel, Cody Schweickert, Ron Scully, David Shultz, Tina Stickles, Gregory Triplett, Emiliano Vasquez, Katherine Webber, Joanna M. Weston, and Chien Ying Ng

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