Unwanted Visitors


Unwanted Visitors by Inwood Indiana Press is a collection of select stories and poetry with flair, featuring works by Edward Ahern, Ruth Andrews, Katharine Benelli Coggeshall, Guy Biederman, Tiffany Michelle Brown, Gordon Brown, Janet Butler, Thomas Cannon, Jakob Chapman, Cassandra Rose Clarke, LaRue Cook, Kim Cope Tait, Suzanne Cottrell, R.J. Davey, Laurie George-Decker, Maria DePaul, Marta Ferguson, Anita G. Gorman, Christopher Greer, Madeline Grove, Cordelia M. Hanemann, M. N. Hanson, Cynthia Hilts, M. C. Kaske, Joseph J. Kozma, Josef Krebs, Ken Leland, Bruce Levine, Thomas Locicero, Robert Allen Lupton, Jane McAdams, Alan Meyrowitz, David Novak, Mary Pacifico Curtis, David Pring-Mill, Kristina V. Ramos, Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Gabriel Sage, Terry Sanville, Katie Strine, Heather Truett, Timothy Wilkinson, John Wolf, Susan Woodring, and Clark Zlotchew.

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