What Worlds and Moons by Peter Schireson


What Worlds and Moons is a series of prose poems and short fictions that reveal an underlying strangeness in otherwise ordinary moments of daily life. These pieces work on multiple levels, at once deeply personal, while at the same time aware of and engaged in the objective, impersonal world.

Meet Valdek the cat, a connoiseur of classical piano; meet the author’s older brother, Harry, who chained himself to a tree and was later buried upside down; listen to Einstein’s thoughts as he trims his mustache. The characters and voices in this collection are diverse and unique, each a window on a world both routine and mystical at the same time – the death of a dog, an encounter with a stray cat, a waitress leaving work – mundane scenes that take on surprising hues, sometimes unexpectedly madcap, sometimes dark, sometimes both.

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