Socorro Prophesy by E. Doyle-Gillespie


In Socorro Prophesy, E. Doyle-Gillespie gives us stories at the edges of the human experience...places familiar, but kept at arm’s reach. We wrestle with the validity of these poems, straining to embrace the wholeness of our being. The campfires of story-spinners and myth-keepers draw us close, like ancient spirits visiting the truth of our human journey together.

Along these roads, E. Doyle-Gillespie presents a truck with monsters, dark fears in the shadowy realm. He introduces icons that serve as totems of our secret worries, placeholders of our fears, with voices that seem to know about our fear of death.

Through the language of poetry, E. Doyle-Gillespie reaches for the elemental, asking the reader to come to grips with the fragility of the human experience, with its ever-present demons, those in the darkness, those in the mirror.

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