Little Suites by Deborah LeFalle


Little Suites is a collection of poems inspired by the author’s reflections on her childhood – delightful and tender moments, as well as trying and sometimes unpleasant moments that helped her develop as a humane being. Each poem individually contains thematic linking characteristics and together they form poetic suites joined by the common threads of memory, appreciation, innocence, curiosity, imagination, kinship, reality and growth.

About the Poet: Deborah LeFalle is an active retiree who started writing in her 60s. In addition to writing she enjoys walking, engaging in the arts, digging into her family history, and spending time outdoors communing with nature. Poetry is the genre of writing she is drawn to most with inspiration for her poems often stemming from personal experiences. She lives a simple, gratitude-filled life in Northern California.

Biography: Deborah LeFalle holds Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a Master’s in Urban Affairs, and a Doctorate in Transformative Studies. Besides her academic writing, she has two published books of creative writing to her credit: Worthy (2017); and Bitty Brown Babe (2019). She has also been published in the following journals, magazines and anthologies: Garden of Black Joy: “Auntie Sisterhood” (forthcoming); Still Point Arts Quarterly: “On the Heels of Wonder”; The Haberdasher – Flumes: “Seasons”; The Same Magazine: “waiting for a glimpse”; De La Mancha Magazine: “Where I Find Peace”; Edify Fiction: “Two Days ‘til Christmas”; Third Wednesday: “Groove Interrupted”; Writing in a Woman’s Voice: “Achillea Outside My Window”; Catamaran Literary Reader: “A Keepsake from Nature”; Cherry Blossom Light: “Two More Haiku”; Muse Literary Journal: “In Defense of Linen”; Poetry Quarterly: “Darceen”; The Raven’s Perch: “Do Tell” and “Happenstancing with Hitch”; The Voices Project: “Prelude to Juice”; TimBookTu: “Stuck on Replay”; What Brings You Here?: “Family Reunion” and “Girls in Trees”; Willow Glen Poetry Project: “71 Redeux”; Winter Writes: “Kettle Tea” and “Thank You For” and “On My Way Walking”; You Share Project: “Growing Up Amid Wings”; California Quarterly: “When Do You Know You’re a Poet?”; ESME: “Commuter’s Love Affair”; Entropy/Enclave Final Poems: “Eluding Wisdom”; Field Notes – Interpretations of Nature: “The Creek in the Glen is Choking”; Icon: “House”; Penumbra: “The Visit” and “Lunar Love Letter” and “Waking Up”; Rockhurst Review: “Chris and Chris”; Silver Birch Press’ My Sweet Word Series: “Black Cherry and Me”; Sisyphus Quarterly: “Garden Party”; Miracles and Extraordinary Blessings: “Lesson in the Snow”; Reflections and Illuminations: “Day Before the Antique Dealer Comes”; and Scattered Acorns: “Two Haiku.”

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