50 Haikus, Issue 6


50 Haikus represents the best of American Haiku today. American Haiku is brash, breaking the rules and riding the line between tradition and the American spirit (reaching out, pressing the possibilities of form and voice).

American Haiku has emerged, influencing poetry in the US and everywhere poets are listening. The 50 Haikus journal receives beautiful works of haiku from around the world. Each issue includes hand-selected poems from among the thousands of submissions we receive annually.

Readers will delight in the form and message. Haiku seem to say more than what is possible in just a few syllables, making the form one of the most popular and important elements of poetry today. 50 Haikus is relevant, and an important addition to any library. Reading 50 Haikus is like watching the evolution of poetry unfold, issue after issue. These poems touch readers, and surprise poets.

Featuring poems by:

Allyson Whipple
Aneesha Roy
Anita Roberts Soupir
Audrey Samuelson
Bill W. Melton
Chris Gusek
Christopher Oie Keller
Colin W Campbell
David J Kelly
Deborah Guzzi
Dennis Lowe
Gene Grabiner
J. Todd Hawkins
James Garside
Jesus Chameleon
John J. Han
John Tustin
Kasha Nystrand
Kennita Ballard
Leanne Kinkopf
Lucy Q. Williams
Marianne Paul
Mark L. Volz
Melissa Davis
Monika Proffitt
Nancy May
Nells Wasilewski
Perry L. Powell
Rob Goss
Tim Gardiner
Troy Harris
Tyson West
Zoe Dickinson

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