Scudder’s Gorge – Geoffrey Craig


Prolific Press has published Scudder’s Gorge by Geoffrey Craig.


Scudder’s Gorge is another release by the acclaimed publishing house, Prolific Press. After scouring hundreds of manuscripts by both professional and aspiring authors, Geoffrey Craig has won a full publishing contract for his newest book, Scudder’s Gorge. Copies are already available at Amazon, and due to Prolific’s impressive distribution chain, in the coming weeks thousands of other booksellers will be listing Scudder’s Gorge for sale all over the world.

Scudder’s Gorge is a dialog about the continuing effects in succeeding generations of a crime committed in an earlier generation, with settings that primarily include a fictional, rural Vermont town and language that is as poignant as it is versatile. Unlike many other books of its kind, Scudder’s Gorge, is approachable, and listed in the BIAC as a family title, despite its appeal to scholarly and alternative markets. These are the kinds of books Prolific Press is known for—diamonds among the rocky shoals of the eroding sea of literature today.

It’s no wonder that Geoffrey Craig has joined the Prolific Press family of authors. His book, Scudder’s Gorge, shines a harsh light on what man is capable of doing to his fellow man, beginning with the day of the “bomb” in Hiroshima and then moving backwards in time to Eighteenth Century Vermont to a village founded by post-Revolutionary settlers. Nestled between pine-clad ridges, the valley is home to a small band of Abenaki. The settlers and Native Americans trade with each other and live in peace until a love affair blossoms between a young Abenaki and the daughter of a village elder. A crime reverberates down the generations, leading Everett Scudder and his daughter, Roseanne, to struggle for the dignity of all people.

Geoffrey Craig’s fiction, poetry and drama have appeared in numerous literary journals. He has received two Pushcart Prize nominations. Wilderness House Literary Review serialized his verse novel, The Brave Maiden, and his novella, “Snow”. Four of his full-length plays (one co-authored) and nine of his one-acts have been produced. He has directed productions of five of his plays with three more in rehearsals. Geoffrey has an MBA and an MA in history. He served in the Peace Corps and had a successful career in banking before turning to writing. Scudder’s Gorge is his first prose novel.

Scudder’s Gorge can be purchased at the Prolific Press Bookstore ( and at fine booksellers everywhere. 978-1632750556

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