Prolific Press Giveaways Terms and Conditions

Prolific Press occasionally offers book giveaways online.

In all cases, our giveaways require no purchase necessary to participate, and only incidental action on behalf of the participant to signify entry and willful acceptance of the rules but which creates no perceived burden nor more than an incidental moment of the participant’s time, such as liking or sharing a Facebook post, or following a page on Twitter.

The start date of any giveaway is noted in the initial announcement. If no start date is listed, the start time is considered to be the moment the announcement is publicly available to view online. The end date is listed in the announcement. The time of day that the giveaway ends on the selected end date is a randomly chosen time after noon EST.

Participants must be 18+ to be awarded any giveaway prize.

Only one entry per person per giveaway. Odds of winning are unknown in advance, and are equal to 1 in the number of entrants who participate.

Winners are selected by using the Rafflecopter, an outside service that specializes in giveaway practices.

Winner will be contacted via the website where the giveaway is listed. For example, by private Tweet on Twitter and by private Facebook message on Facebook. Winners must acknowledge by sending an email to Prolific Press within 3 days. Winners must provide their real name, age, and mailing address (the least amount of information needed to fulfill the giveaway).

Participation acknowledges that permission is granted to post the names of winners online.

Prolific Press is not responsible for messaging malfunctions due to lost or inaccessible accounts, websites, notices, server errors, blacklists, bus crashes or other calamities, participant inattention, or any other issue outside the control of Prolific Press. Prolific Press makes a good faith effort to contact the winner and award the prize.

Prolific Press makes good faith efforts to provide a fair process and assure all prizes are awarded. By participating, it is agreed that in cases of ambiguity, confusion, human error, mistake, or other complication, Prolific Press will be the sole decision maker regarding the outcome or resolution of any giveaway.