Poetry Quarterly, the world’s best poetry journal, has done it again! For the better part of a decade, issues have been mailed to the four corners of the earth, spreading poetry far and wide.

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The world’s best poetry, hand selected and highly scrutinized by Poetry Quarterly, featuring selections of fine poetry by: Zach Agnew, Mike Ambrose, Kevin Andersen, Marcus Benjamin Ray Bradley, Lisa Marie Brodsky, Jesse Brownstein, Clay Carpenter, Eve Chilicas, Neil Creighton, Natalie Crick, Julie Dickson, Fritz Eifrig, Mary Crane Fahey, Renée Francoeur, Alexis Groulx, Kallima Hamilton, Olivia Inwood, Moira J., Lianne Kamp, Albert Katz, Martin Knabe, Philip Kobylarz, Sandra Kolankiewicz, David Kunkel, Peter Leight, Paul Lojeski, Andrew Madigan, Mark Mansfield, David Marquard, Ken Massicotte, Jackie Maugh Robinson, Judy Melchiorre, Andrew Mills, Christopher Mitchell, Jennifer Montgomery, Janet Morris, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Allison Paoli, David Pring-Mill, Sam Robertson, Melissa Robinson, Patricia Rossi, Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper, Claire Scott, Claudia Serea, Ian Singer, Joanna M. Weston, Richard Widerkehr, Kirby Wright, and Steffen Zeiner.