Prolific Press Startup Grants

We Want to Help!

Part of our mission is to support the arts community. We applaud your decision to start a new project. We understand how difficult it can be to get started, and that it may take time before new startups can afford even the bare essentials. It is for these reasons that Prolific Press Inc. offers new startups the opportunity to secure our support through the following grants:

A Place to Call Home: Website hosting can be expensive, and finding the right supports for literary journals, with their specific needs, can be daunting. Our “A Place to Call Home” grant covers the costs associated with your website hosting for a full year, in partnership with Instant Access Internet Services. Applications for this grant are accepted all year long, and decisions are rendered within days.

Submission Management: Managing submissions can be a tough choice for new startups. We always provide Green Submissions for free, to everyone. If you want a more robust submission system, with private branding and total control over your database, our “Submission Management” grant will pay up to 75% of the cost to purchase Submission Manager, a professional software suite designed for literary journals.

A Shingle to Call Our Own: Website design can cost thousands of dollars, and it is an expense many startups simply cannot afford. For this reason, many people try to do it themselves, and end up with a bad design that doesn’t take into account the many specific needs literary journals have. Moreover, homemade designs may be unimpressive to the writers and artists they hope to impress. Prolific Press Inc., through our “A Shingle to Call Our Own” grant, may cover the entire cost of your website design, up to $2,500, in association with Instant Access Internet Services.


How to apply:

To apply for one of our startup grants, send us an application letter outlining your plans. Tell us what your journal is about, what your needs are, and what benefits your project will provide.

Remember, our interest is in serving the whole writing community. To secure a grant, we want to know how it will help you and others! Tell us all about the project. Get us excited about you and your literary ideas.

Restrictions: Grants provided by Prolific Press Inc. are provided to support the writing community at large. We have an interest in making sure the money is spent on the project intended. For this reason, we pay for the new startup expenses (as noted). Cash disbursements are not provided directly to the grant recipient.

Determinations and Notices: Prolific Press Inc. reserves the sole right of determination for any grant, and may approve, decline, or rescind grants with or without notice and any time, with no guarantees, or claims of fitness or function. Prior to final grant approval, applicants are required to provide proof of identity, and pay a filing fee of $2.00 (two dollars). There is no fee to apply.

Failure to Flourish: In the event that a literary project is selected, but the project is never brought to completion, there is no fee, penalty, or other concern that will arise. We are here to help. No strings attached.

Good Faith: In the event that Prolific Press Inc. is unable to fulfill any grant offer, applicants waive any right to claims against Prolific Press Inc., or any other party related to grants offered. It is accepted that grants have no cash value, and no damage value, regardless of circumstance.