Manuscript Guidelines

Prolific Press Manuscript Guidelines. This page only covers manuscripts. Journal guidelines are posted separately at the journals. Links to the submission areas are in the black footer way down at the bottom right side of this page under “Submissions”.

Please submit only one manuscript per submission. If you have more than one manuscript, separate them into separate submissions. Submissions and publication are free. You pay nothing.

What we want you to include when you submit a manuscript:

• Your FULL manuscript in MS Word format. (No sample chapters please.)
• Name your file like this: Smith1 (Last name followed by the number of submissions you have sent.) If this is your first submission to Prolific Press, then follow your last name with the number 1.
• Your real name.
• Your pen name (if any).
• Your biography.
• Number of words or pages.
• Your real physical address (Not work or your PO box).
• Your mailing address (if different).
• Your email address.
• Your phone number.
• How you plan to market your book.
• Why did you choose Prolific Press?

We do not accept submissions by e-mail. Submissions can be made via the online submission manager, or by regular mail on a USB Thumb Drive.

Organize your files carefully. If you have multiple files, put them in a .zip or .rar archive. Most submissions are made with everything in one large MS Word document, and this is our favorite format.

Fiction manuscripts should follow standard manuscript format. There’s a decent article about that here:

If you have any items that are not your own, pictures or materials that require permission to use, be sure to be very clear about your rights to use the materials.

Do not submit public domain works.

Do not submit works that you plan to modify later. Only submit your finished work.

We do allow simultaneous submissions. Be sure to notify everyone if the work is accepted. Our online submission manager allows you to withdraw a manuscript while it is still in pending status.

Before you contact us asking for a withdraw, check to see if you can withdraw the manuscript using the submission tool.

Chapbooks manuscripts should contain about 20 pages of poetry or fiction, not including opening pages etc. 21 pages is the average.

Fiction manuscripts should not exceed 120K words.

We do not print adult XXX material, textbooks, children’s books, dissertations, theses, biographies, memoirs, science fiction, or books primarily focused on politics / politicians.

You must be legally old enough to enter into a contract. We do not accept submissions for writers under 18 years of age without an accompanying signatory, parent, guardian, etc.

You must be able to provide proof of your identity, e.g., photocopy of your Real ID, or similar. We don’t ask for this up front, but if you are approved for publication, your signed contract must include proof of your identity.

Be prepared to wait for months. We are a very popular venue, and keeping up with thousands of manuscripts is always a struggle. Read times vary.

Do not send proposals or incomplete works!

If your manuscript is accepted, we will make a publishing offer, and all those details are included in your contract offer.

We appreciate your kind consideration and appreciate your cooperation with our guidelines.