Congratulations to these masters of haiku for their poetical inclusion in Haiku Journal #56, now available in our bookstore! Michael Adams, Sandra Barnett, Karen Berger, Eric Brestel, Julie Center, Lorraine Cipriano, Michael DeCarolis, Rachel Dickinson, Jackie Dishner, Genevieve Fitzgerald, Michael Flanagan, Amy Fontaine, Susan Gentry, Jim Hanlen, Mark Hitri, Billie Holladay Skelley, Bodie Howell, Phil Huffy, Kelci Jones, Joseph J Kozma, Thalia Kuentzel, Jody Larson, Melissa Laussmann, Ron. Lavalette, Bruce Levine, Elisabeth Liebert, Kevin MacNeil, Vyomi Malik, Rocco Marinelli, Carolyn Martin, Robert McManes, Bill Melton, Andrew Moore, Rene Mullen, Christina Perry, Randy Petty, Robert Piazza, Amparo Pikarsky, Chanacee Ruth-Killgore, Suzanne Sakai, Debra Sasak Ross, Qandeel Shaam, Andrew Sibbald, James Snyder, Suria Tei, Jonathan Thorn, Hannah-Rose Tristram, Nells Wasilewski, and Gary Watt!

Well done! It’s a great issue. We’re really excited about this one. Copies are already available in the bookstore. One paperback issue will have the original cover art included with the shipment. Good luck to everyone.