Soon your work will appear in one of the fine publications offered by Prolific Press Inc.

What do I do next? Is there anything I need to know?

First, you should know that although Prolific Press partners with major companies (like Amazon, etc.), we are an independent publisher. We are not backed by university money or other income. Presses are notorious for failing because publishing is a terribly difficult business with long hours and no money. Keep that in mind please. Each editor is overworked. Many are volunteering. Everyone wants you to succeed. We love you. So, let’s both try hard to work together with goodwill and mutual affection.

As a courtesy, we ask that you to leave a testimonial on the Prolific Press website about your experience with us. Please do that if you can. The testimonial tool is on the bottom left side of this page.



Please read the information below and if you have any questions we don’t answer here, please go back to the press (where you were accepted) and ask the editor.

  1. Overview of our duties to each other.
  2. About proofs before publication.
  3. Future communications.
  4. Token payments.


1. Overview of our duties to each other.

Now that your work has been accepted (and will be published soon), we have duties to each other. These are basic duties of professionalism. The press will publish your work in a print copy and may also publish in the online website. Every effort will be made to honor your work.

Each press will make efforts to:

  • Put your submission in a quality publication which has been edited and thoughtfully designed.
  • Make both your work and your name (or pen name) publicly noteworthy.
  • Maintain integrity and professionalism, including fair marketing practices and accepted trade policies.
  • Maintain good relationships with all contributors while assuring both contributors and presses are benefited.

Writers have the duty to:

  • Maintain good communication.
  • Make reasonable efforts to promote the publication by posting to your blog or website (optional).
  • Be professional with concerns (send private email, ask questions, allow the press to address your concerns privately).
  • Maintain professional conduct and ethical practices generally practiced and accepted in the writing community.
  • Withdraw your submission at any other press where it may be pending.

Please go to (if you have an account) and report your acceptance (optional).

NOTE: Although you do not have any duty to support the press financially, please remember that the press charges no fees for reading, editing, publishing, book design, licensing, time spent with your work, promoting, etc etc…. We strongly urge you to consider the idea that the press is supporting you, and you are urged to support the press in some way. Usually this means buying a few books, or selecting a book to use in your classroom, etc. This is optional, but presses need your support too. Let’s help each other.

2. About Proofs Before Publication.

  • Our presses only send proofs if significant changes are made, otherwise your work is printed as it is.
  • You do not have to sign any additional release or documentation (you did that by accepting the guidelines before submitting).
  • If your work is edited (other than grammar / punctuation), a proof will be sent to you by email. Just reply to approve or reject the proof.

3. Future Communications:

  • The editor of the journal will send you an email when your work is printed.
  • All literary works approved for publication will appear in paperback.
  • Some art submissions only appear online, it depends on the publication.
  • Every publication by Prolific Press has separate guidelines.
  • If you have any questions, contact the editor of the journal you were accepted to.
  • Good communication takes two. Don’t get frustrated. Participate by contacting the press if you have concerns.
  • Be patient.

4. Token Payments:

Every Prolific Press publication offers a monetary token payment and other perks.

  • Token Payments are made by PayPal only.
  • If you want to donate your token payment back to the press, let us know by email, or do nothing.

When each issue is printed, we contact all the contributing writers and artists by email. At that time, we will ask for your preferred PayPal address. That way we don’t send your payment to the wrong address. (Note: Token payments increased by 50% on May 10th 2014.)

  • If you qualify for a larger payment, we will automatically increase your payment when we pay you.
  • Allow up to 7 days after paperback publication for payment notifications.