Note: This page refers to our printing services, not our publishing platform.


We are regularly asked, “Who prints your chapbooks?” We do!

You can see our chapbook offerings at the Prolific Press Bookstore. Our chapbooks are printed on 24# responsibly sourced paper, using environmentally friendly inks, with a 110# paper cover. Every copy is bound by hand, and trimmed in-house. Nothing is outsourced, and the resulting books are really quite nice. We package every chapbook in a plastic wrapper (optional) to keep it clean for storage.

We’re flattered that people like our chapbooks, and we’re happy to print yours too! We will print and package the same great quality chapbooks for writers who want their own books to share. If you haven’t already seen our chapbooks, we encourage you to buy one from our bookstore before ordering, so you can see the quality for yourself.

Keep in mind that this printing service is not part of our publishing platform. If you hire us to do your printing, we do not supply an ISBN, we do not sell your book in our bookstore, and we don’t include an extra page at the back of the book with our company name. Our name doesn’t appear anywhere in your publication. We simply print and package your books.

Prices: Black and white books up to 24 pages are $5 per copy in quantities of 100+. (This is generally 20 pages of content and 4 pages for front matter.) If you have some color pages, the books start at $6 per copy in quantities of 100+. Maybe a little more if we have to use a lot of color ink. (Note: Shipping rates vary by project. You are charged for actual postage.) It does take a lot of time to produce hand-made books. This means we can’t be the cheapest. We do, however, produce a unique, high-quality product that you will be proud to distribute.

Prices include formatting, cover design, printing and packaging. (You must own the copyright. No public domain books!) You supply the manuscript and we do the rest!

Our chapbooks are only printed in one size: 5.5 X 8.5
Turnaround time is usually a week, but may be a little longer if we need to order supplies.

So, what do you say? Consider our hand-made chapbooks for your next project.