Prolific Press is now accepting full-length poetry, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts for book publishing (no sample chapters please).

We do not charge reading fees. Decisions are based on several factors including the popularity of the author, the market for similar books at the time of distribution, and the features of the book including quality, size, and genre. Emerging authors are OK.

  • Full publishing comes with a token cash advance and a standard royalty contract. Prolific Press covers publishing costs and distribution of your title. Your title is sold in the Prolific Press store, and added to distribution chains making your book available through, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, NACSCORP, Espresso Book Machine and many others totaling more than thirty thousand retailers. Each publishing contract is different.

What we want you to include when you submit a manuscript:

  • Your FULL manuscript in MS Word format. (No sample chapters please.)
  • Name your file like this: Smith1 (Last name followed by the number of submissions you have sent.) If this is your first submission to Prolific Press, then follow your last name with the number 1.
  • Your real name.
  • Your pen name (if any).
  • Your biography.
  • Number of words or pages.
  • Your real physical address (Not work or your PO box).
  • Your mailing address (if different).
  • Your email address.
  • Your phone number.
  • How you plan to market your book.
  • Why did you choose Prolific Press?

We prefer that you submit online using our Submission Manager.


We do not accept manuscripts by email, however, if you prefer not to use a submission manager, we will still accept manuscripts by snail-mail.

If you prefer to submit by mail, send your manuscript in MS Word format on a USB Memory Stick to Prolific Press Inc., P.O. Box 5315 Johnstown PA 15904

We prefer books over 90 pages. Allow several months for us to read and consider your work.