Black friday extreme discounts on Writer Platforms

Take control of your image and introduce others to your work . Perfect for experienced self-promoters and those who have only learned to check Facebook. No programming knowledge necessary. 

Use your writer platform to list your entire bio instead of the short version you send with submissions.

Post links to all your books and publications at various journals and presses online. How else will your fans find all your poems and stories?

Ensure that everyone interested in you can view all your awards, achievements, as well as what you’re up to now!

What else would you do with a writer platform? Start with the very basic act of promoting yourself and your work with a website of your own. For example, professionals tend to make blog posts on their own platform where they have complete control over the look, feel, and interactions they receive. Professionals link to their own platform when making social media posts to places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This is a very effective way to save time, keep control of your image, and introduce new readers and publishers to your voice.

Post teaser-chapters and upcoming events, readings, or anything else your followers might want to know.

Use your custom email address (included) to communicate your professionalism. Doing so gives the best impression, that you are serious about what you do. Instead of a generic email address that makes you look like an amateur, e.g., or JohnDoe@aol… Use something like

Use a separate custom email address for submissions, inquiries, leads, or whatever else you need. We allow you to have up to 25 custom email addresses.

Avoid censorship. When you post to Facebook, your post might receive limited visibility, or be taken down completely because someone there didn’t like a word you used, or objected to an image, e.g., a breast (Gasp!). Using your own platform, you can post what you like. When you link to your own platform, you will circumvent most censorship and bias found at various social media outlets.

Build a readership and connect to those readers regularly. Invite your visitors to opt into receiving email from you. There’s a reason the big publishing houses do this, and it’s the same reason some of the smallest part-time writers do this. It works.

The Fine Print

What’s the cost? With our BLACK FRIDAY DEAL, for a limited time, writers can get a writer platform for $1/Month and we only accept PayPal (Visa / MC / Amex / Discover).

What’s the catch? This deal is only for writer platforms using WordPress, not for e-commerce websites or business ventures. We will cancel orders that come from businesses or anyone trying to use this account for anything other than a writer platform.

Unlike common blogging sites that charge you up to $25.00/Month for full access to your account, we install the full version of WordPress without limits. With WordPress, you don’t need to have special skills to make your platform work for you. Best of all, using our platform has a crisp, clean, professional look and feel. You will not receive a generic WordPress addresses like …. Using that approach looks bad, and most people know that the features you really need at sites like that get costly. We do not bait and switch offerings, up-sell you, or have any hidden fees.

How is this possible? Prolific Press Inc., as part of our mission, supports writers and the writing community at large. We supplement the cost for the first year in order to assist writers in general.

Please note that after the first year, the cost is $7.50/Month (which is about what it costs us to host these kinds of accounts). After a year, you can cancel, move, or stay on. It’s up to you, but we hope you will stay.

Also note that you will need to purchase a domain name from any of the domain name sellers online, something like We suggest you do that here ($12/Year fee):

We don’t expect to run out of this special deal, but we do have limits. Please be understanding if we cannot process your order due to funding limits. 

In order to process orders, we do ask for some very basic information, like your name and contact details. ICAAN, RFC, and federal Law requires that we keep contact information. We don’t ask for what we don’t need. Our privacy and cookie policy is here.

We may need a couple days to setup your account. To take advantage of this Black Friday deal, fill out the form below. We will send you an invoice, by PayPal, for the first 3 months ($3). When you pay the invoice, you also let us know what domain name you selected. We will then install your domain and WordPress before sending you all the login details to get started. We have plenty of documentation online to assist you, and tutorials are easy to find if you want to watch videos to help you setup. We do anticipate a large number of writers will take advantage of this offer. For this reason, we ask you to be patient and understanding if our support lags just a little for the first week or so.  

To get this deal, use THIS promotional code on the Review & Checkout page when you activate your account: BLACKFRIDAY19