Advertise With Us.


Why advertise with us?

Prolific Press advertisements are unique, granting exposure to a targeted market of other writers and publishers. Our advertising is friendly, unobtrusive, and proceeds support Prolific Press (not some big ad company).

Ads are accepted selectively. Your ad will not appear alongside objectionable material. Moreover, we never accept ads from predatory websites, or ads that feature services that are misleading. We don’t accept ads from vanity presses or self-publishing services. . . .or any other company or service that isn’t representative of professional standards.

Please do place an ad with us to showcase your personal writer’s blog, writer’s website, or link to your book on Amazon, etc. No product or service is too small to promote.

If you cannot afford to advertise due to a financial hardship, please contact us. We have a limited budget to support indigent writers.


Our ads are seen by many thousands of unique visitors every month. These are highly targeted ads, seen by our readers, and other writers and publishers (your best market). Ads are rotated between eight literary journals and the Prolific Press website.

Your ad will be seen on these websites:

People who click our ads are interested in discovering something new (you, for example).

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Rates and Policies

We currently charge $250 per month (with no setup fee) to feature your ad (that works out to a little less than $1/day for each website your ad will appear on). All the proceeds go to support Prolific Press. Remember, these ads are targeted to the writing community.

Ads are accepted on a case by case basis. Don’t let that worry you. Just contact us about your project. We want to tell the world about you.

If you were thinking of supporting Prolific Press, or you simply want to gain more exposure for yourself or your book, contact us. We will gladly discuss placing an ad for you. We enjoy many thousands of visitors every month. Let us tell them more about you.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship, don’t let that stop you from contacting us. We support the writing community. It’s what we do. We may be able to work with you, or even offer you some of our services for free. Just let us know how we can help.