…/50-haikus-issue-17-p-337.html Full Color Paperback Issues are NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR BOOKSTORE. Congratulations to the fine poets published in 50 Haikus Issue #17, The Serious Poetry Journal with the Funny Name. Issue #17 featured stunning poetry by Stacey Aldridge, Colleen Anderson, Dennis Appleton, B.A. France, Cheryl Bateman, Susan Bennett, Robert Beveridge, Vassilia Binensztok, Tina Brakebill, Philip Bulman, David Cappella, Brian Chaffee, Michael Cooney, Stephen Curro, Maria Theresa Dimacali, Deborah Dybowski, Ashley Edwards, Steven Engel, Lynette G. Esposito, Michael Flanagan, Nicholas Gentile, Sarah Gregory, Michael Griffith, Rose Menyon Heflin, Jessica Hoard, Marta Holliday, Peter Huff, Judith Kerman, Matthew King, Ashley Knowlton, Andrew Lankford, Douglas Lanzo, Michael Leach, Martina Litty, Christopher Lorello, Maggie Maize, Andrea McBride, Bill Melton, Irina Moga, Vivian Nixon, Roseann Passiatore, Lynne Pledger, Ana Pugatch, Wesley Sims, Russell Spera, Donald Sutton, Chuck Wheeler, Patrice Wilson, Chris Wood, and Nancy Woodward.