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Pushing 50 by Amy Fletcher

Written in 5-7-5 haiku form, Pushing 50 is the culmination of over three years of happenings in the life of a middle-aged woman who shares her experiences and all the joys and tribulations that go along with them. 

These short poems are familiar and relatable––sometimes sad, sometimes funny, they always speak in some way to the human condition, particularly the emotional and physical changes that happen to most women as they traverse their late forties. This book also touches on memories of key events related to our collective mortality. 

What Worlds and Moons by Peter Schireson

What Worlds and Moons is a series of prose poems and short fictions that reveal an underlying strangeness in otherwise ordinary moments of daily life. These pieces work on multiple levels, at once deeply personal, while at the same time aware of and engaged in the objective, impersonal world. 

The characters and voices in this collection are diverse and unique, each a window on a world both routine and mystical at the same time – the death of a dog, an encounter with a stray cat, a waitress leaving work – mundane scenes that take on surprising hues, sometimes unexpectedly madcap, sometimes dark, sometimes both.


Deep Fahrenheit portrays the process of growing up. In the opening poem, a woman in feudal times stands in a field under the stars and feels the turning of the earth beneath her feet and senses for the first time that she is not the center of the universe and that she is connected to all things. In the final poem, a contemporary woman standing outside at the end of a day, also feels the earth’s turning, and senses not only her own death but the gradual extinction of all things. These poems sing from start to finish!

Vaulted Skies by Martina Reisz Newberry

Vaulted Skies is a book of snapshots focusing on the brief thoughts and glimpses that make up the “everyday-ness” of life. 

Small hopes, small fears, small failures, little victories—threaded together—are the real journeys taken by women, men, children toward whatever heaven they hope for or whatever hell they dread.

Prolific Press Journals

Prolific Press publishes 8 respected literary journals. Each journal publishes different literature, and each has a different flair, but all of them have some things in common:

  • Readers love our journals!

  • Literary works are hand-selected.

  • Inclusion is competitive.

  • Only the best works are published.

Poetry Quarterly

Everyone’s favorite poetry journal continues to publish beautiful issues year after year.

Inwood Indiana

The smallest press in the world. Celebrating poetry and fiction set in small towns and shrouded in all things eccentric.

Three Line Poetry

Celebrating the amazing art of three line poems. What can a poet say in three lines? See for yourself.

Haiku Journal

American Haiku at its best! Haiku Journal celebrates the constrained form (5/7/5). The poems are as amazing as the poets themselves.

Jitter Press

Guaranteed to scare the hell out of you! Jitter publishes poems and stories of horror from all over the world.

Dual Coast Magazine

A contemporary mix of all things new and revisited. Stories, poetry, recipes, articles and more.

50 Haikus

The serious poetry journal with a funny name! 50 Haikus celebrates all forms of haiku from around the world.

Tanka Journal

The journal that swoons new life into tanka poetry. Celebrate this cherished poetry form with us.


International Chapbook Series
The Prolific Press Chapbook Series celebrates the tradition of chapbooks by offering a publication venue intended to support writers. Chapbooks are usually short collections of poetry, but might also be used for short stories or plays.


Traditionally, chapbooks provide a sampling of a writer’s voice. Chapbooks are unique offerings that are interesting and pleasurable to read.

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Book Publishing
Prolific Press is now accepting full-length poetry, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts for book publishing (no sample chapters please).


Decisions are based on several factors including the market for similar books at the time of distribution, and the features of the book including quality, size, and genre. Emerging authors are OK.

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Green Submissions
Green Submissions is a free resource offered by Prolific Press to other publishers, or anyone that needs submission managing software.

Now everyone can accept submissions.

There are no ads, no fees, and no obligations. Free is free and signup is easy.

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Submission Manager V3.5
Submission Manager V3.5 is a submission managing software suite you host on your own domain. The software is privately branded and visitors never leave your website. This is the professional journal’s choice. Maintain your archives and protect the longevity of your data.

You buy the software once ($99) and own it forever.

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Hosting for Journals
Complete website hosting at subsidized pricing designed specifically for literary journals. Everything you need at one low price. Solutions come with our Submission Manager software and plenty of assistance. Supporting the literary community is part of our mission. Put us to work for you. Complete hosting is just $7.50/Month (For Literary Journals Only).Learn More…
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Haiku Journal
Haiku Journal
Haiku Journal