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A book of short poems about things Les saw, or wished he had seen, or is very sorry indeed that he saw.

Emmy Award Winner, Poet, Story Teller, Hollywood Horror Master, and Always Reinventing Himself! Les Bohem was part of the great Los Angeles music scare of the early 1980s. His band, Gleaming Spires, had a cultish hit with their single, “Are You Ready For the Sex Girls‚” (if you grew up on Revenge of the Nerds, you know it). At the same time, he was holding down a day job as the bass player with the band, Sparks.


A bus trip in the fall of 2016 from Kansas City, Missouri to Minneapolis, Minnesota. It couldn’t be more “American heartland” than that. But if you’re thinking farmers in coveralls or sweet, little ladies balancing apple pies on their laps, think again. The passengers on this bus appear wearing hijabs, Nigerian geles, and little white bonnets. The trip includes musical boys with hair braided into elaborate crowns, men in broad-brimmed hats, and tall, slender Somalians. This bus resounds with a cacophony of languages, accents, and road noises.


Pixelated Tears explores the varied nature of the female through a poetic lens with surprising language, explosive imagery, and emotional impact. In this collection of childhood memories and fantasies, adult ponderings and observations, and personal reflections, Kaecey McCormick documents the feminine experience with tenderness, humor, and candor.


Final Inventory contains the deeply personal poetry by the author, David Anthony Sam, written as his mother was dying and in the years after. Here, Sam celebrates his mother’s life and her impact on him, grapples with her dying and his helplessness to ease her from this life, and mourns her by “mothering himself a new life” absent her powerful presence. Words are a gift his mother gave him, given that she loved to read and was an author herself albeit with few publications. So it is appropriate that Sam use those words to honor her as well as convey the journey that (while individual here to the two of them) is nonetheless a universal one.


These poems are set in the remote place of Cerca, Haiti, which is home to a resilient people who live off the little that the land yields. The poems express the anxiety, joy, regret, anguish, glory and affirmation of the speaker who is trying to collaborate with the church, the villagers and his home in America to bring about peace, prosperity and justice to a small community, which has suffered from the corruption, alienation, and ignorance of government powers – both foreign and domestic.


Joel Van Valin’s first collection of poetry is a stroll through a lyrical forest filled with sonnets, aubades, hymns, spells and love poems. His verse signals a return to form, evoking Frost, Millay, Dickinson and Byron.


Kitsch is the Evel Knievel lunchbox you’ve stored in the basement, the complete set (two issues) of the Courtship of Eddie’s Father comic novels that won’t yield space on your bookshelf, the eighteen sharply creased love notes Audrey Francisco (now gone from bladder cancer) wrote you the nine days she loved you in 7th grade. They are bound in the rainbow ribbon she pulled from her hair, kissed and offered you between second and third periods on a Tuesday in October. You’ve meant to send these things to her widow or children, but you can’t.


The searching for one’s sense of self is a journey that never ends; however, significant milestones that shed light on who an individual truly is, are often times marked by age. In XXX (thirty), Xavier Pastrano explores the insights and experiences of his early thirties, observing and analyzing his milestone moments through a candid and, at times, poignant lens.

Prolific Press Journals

Prolific Press publishes 8 respected literary journals. Each journal publishes different literature, and each has a different flair, but all of them have some things in common:

  • Readers love our journals!

  • Literary works are hand-selected.

  • Inclusion is competitive.

  • Only the best works are published.

Poetry Quarterly

Everyone’s favorite poetry journal continues to publish beautiful issues year after year.

Inwood Indiana

The smallest press in the world. Celebrating poetry and fiction set in small towns and shrouded in all things eccentric.

Three Line Poetry

Celebrating the amazing art of three line poems. What can a poet say in three lines? See for yourself.

Haiku Journal

American Haiku at its best! Haiku Journal celebrates the constrained form (5/7/5). The poems are as amazing as the poets themselves.

Jitter Press

Guaranteed to scare the hell out of you! Jitter publishes poems and stories of horror from all over the world.

Dual Coast Magazine

A contemporary mix of all things new and revisited. Stories, poetry, recipes, articles and more.

50 Haikus

The serious poetry journal with a funny name! 50 Haikus celebrates all forms of haiku from around the world.

Tanka Journal

The journal that swoons new life into tanka poetry. Celebrate this cherished poetry form with us.



International Chapbook Series
The Prolific Press Chapbook Series celebrates the tradition of chapbooks by offering a publication venue intended to support writers. Chapbooks are usually short collections of poetry, but might also be used for short stories or plays.


Traditionally, chapbooks provide a sampling of a writer’s voice. Chapbooks are unique offerings that are interesting and pleasurable to read.

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Book Publishing
Prolific Press is now accepting full-length poetry, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts for book publishing (no sample chapters please).


Decisions are based on several factors including the market for similar books at the time of distribution, and the features of the book including quality, size, and genre. Emerging authors are OK.

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Green Submissions
Green Submissions is a free resource offered by Prolific Press to other publishers, or anyone that needs submission managing software.

Now everyone can accept submissions.

There are no ads, no fees, and no obligations. Free is free and signup is easy.

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Submission Manager V3.5

Submission Manager V3.5 is a submission managing software suite you host on your own domain. The software is privately branded and visitors never leave your website. This is the professional journal’s choice. Maintain your archives and protect the longevity of your data.

You buy the software once ($99) and own it forever.

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Hosting for Journals
Complete website hosting at subsidized pricing designed specifically for literary journals. Everything you need at one low price. Solutions come with our Submission Manager software and plenty of assistance. Supporting the literary community is part of our mission. Put us to work for you. Complete hosting is just $7.50/Month (For Literary Journals Only).Learn More…
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Haiku Journal

Haiku Journal

Haiku Journal